Eli Sooker’s Travel Article series

Starting with the 4 Stages of Traveling Solo (https://wander.media/the-4-stages-of-traveling-solo ), my series of travel-themed articles starts today!

My first article was a bit of a joke post that a lot of solo travelers will probably relate to. I hope you enjoy it!

I’ll be moving on to more to-the-point topics shortly. Something I really want to emphasise with this series of articles is that travel shouldn’t be seen as this “exclusive” activity reserved for certain people. Here’s a sneak peek at my next two articles in the form of giving their titles:

2. 5 Reasons Everyone Should Experience (and Master) Solo Travel: https://wander.media/5-reasons-you-should-experience-and-master-solo-travel

3. Why Travel is For Everyone: Anyone Can Travel (coming soon!)

I will, of course, be adding more titles as I go. If you have any ideas or feedback feel free to tell me in the comments, or tweet me! 🙂

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