Recent updates

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick post to update and to let you all know I’m grateful for your support, following me on WordPress, Twitter, and my latest additions Facebook and Instagram.

So what’s been going on lately? You may have noticed a few months of inactivity. In September 2017 I managed to land a full-time job doing conservation work in remote areas. This means I’ve had limited access to phone and internet, and also been physically tired from all the hiking and bush-bashing, distracting me from getting much additional mental exercise (i.e. writing or social media posting) done outside of work.

I have, however, managed to get more involved in photography (mostly wildlife) and have started to post the photos I took over those months on my social media platforms now. I also hope to write a few brief blog posts regarding these and conservation topics in future.

I do have at least a couple more travel articles up my sleeve, and have been working on a kind of semi-fictional, multimedia story written out a bit like a blog or diary. It basically deals with the crazy experiences that we have in life, relationships, adventures and so on. I’m experimenting with several new tones of voice in this blog and hope to start posting in a couple of months’ time, so stay tuned! 🙂

The website has also had a few changes and I’m editing more, so if you’d like have a scooch around.

As always if you can share my updates and social media pages with your friends, invite them to ‘like’, ‘follow’ and so on, I’d be extremely grateful!

Thanks again,


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