Mt Nekodake: Azumaya’s Littler Neighbour

My friends and I finally found a day off that we shared (all of us work irregular shifts rather than having weekends or set days off) and agreed to go hiking together.

It had been a while since our first escapade together to Myogi-san in Gunma Prefecture and we were keen for more.

While not as precarious (and exciting) as the dodgy incline ridden with chains we had to cross at Myogi-san, Mt Nekodake stunned me with its wide-reaching views, especially considering we only had to climb for about an hour and a half.

I feel I’ve climbed a fair lot of mountains in Japan by now (though still only a fraction of the total number!) and this was among the most impressive views I’ve seen….Keep reading

As we made our way back down, we were graced by the presence of one of Japan’s mountain deities. And by deity, I mean the Japanese black bear!!!….Keep reading

Access: We went by car, so were able to reach the trailhead directly. It might be helpful to rent a car if you don’t own one. However you can take a train to ….Keep reading

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