“A Dream of Bears in A Land Without Bears”

Read before link expires on Dec 31st

In October, I spent a month volunteering and later did paid data entry work for the Shikoku Natural History Scientific Research Centre.

As part of my experience here, I gave a seminar on my work as a conservationist, comparing both New Zealand and Japanese conservation issues and explaining the methods of coexistence with bears I learned in a year at Picchio Wildlife Research Centre.

I also wrote an article summarising how I came to be involved in bear conservation in Japan. It includes many of the points made in the seminar, though it is only a summary.

It is in Japanese unfortunately, but a quick screenshot and upload to Google Translate will give a general idea.

You can access it at https://1drv.ms/b/s!AqctWztace9wiIpJ-5Ii2Fr24jAbLQ?e=X8L79a

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